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Pointe du Raz

Listed as a Grand Site de France

Located at the edge of Europe and defying the powerful Atlantic currents, the Pointe du Raz never ceases to fascinate visitors. This legendary headland is an invitation for you to discover the Cap-Sizun area, a place where the land meets the sea. Straddling the capes and the headlands of this Grand Site de France, humans rub shoulders with nature, and the majestic and the wild go hand in hand. The Pointe de Raz stretches from the Anse du Loch to the Pointe du Millier, and as a result, it provides incomparable views over the Bays of Audierne and Douarnenez.

An important site for natural heritage in Brittany, the Pointe du Raz is the perfect place to unwind amid a rugged, otherworldly landscape. Its authentic nature makes it an ideal destination for hiking and for great trips. This rugged coast rises to a height of 70 m in places, with birds like the kittiwake and the red-billed chough choosing to nest upon the vertical cliff walls. 

The Pointe du Raz is only part of this particular westerly tip of Europe, however. Along with the Pointe du Van, it forms a sort of crab’s claw shape surrounding the Baie des Trépassés. You can tour the whole area on foot and it obviously makes for a great hike.